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"I lost what little I had. My friends, my family, my love, and my sanity. Each day that passes by, it feels like an eternity. I keep thinking that this is a nightmare, but when nightfall comes, I realize that it's all real. I only wish for one thing now...May I die." ~Thomas ~Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays~


What?! Another hiatus end?

Hello smackjeevers! Seems like it's that time again!
Time when I make more empty promises about how things are going to be different! How there's not going to be anymore months without a single page update! Well this time- well I can't promise you anything but I do plan on posting a few pages when I get home from work.
Boy how the time does fly~ first it seemed like only a week without pages- and it's been SEVEN MONTHS. When did that happen?! Luckily, during that time I've been keeping busy making more pages! And after seven long years of drawing this comic, I'm finally on the final pages. What a rush, let me tell you! Anyway, after I'm done being a slave to the system, keep your eyes peeled for the thrilling continuation of TE MERAV.

((Too much TV man... ))

posted by Gaara0013 @ February 15th, 2014, 7:29 pm  -  0 comments

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