Full Name: Thomas Payne Bailey

Age: 27

Likes: books, penny dreadfuls, helping people, cats, gin, being organized

Dislikes: messes, arguing, peas, swimming

Gender: Male

Birthday: March 10

Bio: Thomas is a doctor in the town of Manchester, he really enjoys his job and does his best when he works with his patients. He's currently obsessed with the weekly Penny Dreads.


Full Name: Margarette Sinclair

Age: 25

Likes: Reading books, learning new things.

Dislikes: Having to deal with pigheaded people, strawberries, and cry babies.

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 20

Bio: She's an only child in her big family (all involving aunts, uncles, and cousins). She has a really good memory and she's sharp. She changes her jobs when she gets bored with her current one.